I would like to begin by saying Claire has been a major player for inspiration with my pole, floor & chair work. As big an influence on my style as Alethea Austin, Cleo, & Jeni Janover. I first met Claire through a good friend of mine that absolutely insisted that I do AnneMarie Davies’ Joy of Sexy workshop at a local studio in DC she was teaching at. I was hooked watching Claire’s style & movements. I knew I had to be in her class the second I found she also taught. Fast forward a month to when I was finally able to get into her class. What a game changer for me! Even though I had already has previous training in floor & chair work, Claire taught me how to refine my style. She even got me out of my head from thinking too much and my fear of free-styling!! But being able to freestyle is a mandatory part of her class. With that hill cleared I soon conquered my mountainous fear of performing too!! And that is no easy feat. I have always had the worst nerves and stage fright; to the point where I have no idea what happened but I know something happened lol. Without Claire I highly doubt I would have ever expanded my technique for floor & chair work (which I truly love more than pole now!), gotten over my fears, and honed my style to the sexy slinkyness it is today. Thank you Claire!!!

-Milena, Washington, D.C.

I first took Claire’s floor work class as 2013 ended and 2014 rolled in. She had subbed the same class for a different instructor and I admit I was a little intimidated by the leggings and sky high heels. (I had spent previous classes in socks!) It was a series of fairly basic (yet sexy and sultry!) moves but definitely fun (and awkward!) and I worked up sweat! The next time I was able to take the class, Claire was now the permanent instructor and it had moved up to being an intermediate level. It was completely different from any class I had taken at the studio and I was definitely out of my comfort zone! …but I still kept showing up! I bought my first pair of heels that we’re taller than 4” and solely for dancing. I started taking her sultry pole flow class, as well. I found it quite addicting! Learning routines and new moves were my favorite, but the constant freestyles pulled me out of head and surprised me. To think, I came into pole dancing solely for the fitness aspect and found my therapy in the sensual side. I was euphoric the first night I freestyled in front of the whole class, for a couple nights after in fact. I didn’t know I could move or feel the music like that! I couldn’t believe I had done that!   She helped me get in touch with my sensual side, my emotions, to exercise self love. To connect while moving. To feel everything. And be completely aware of my body. I’m sure she would say I was a very shy and reluctant student (and I am still when freestyling is involved), but she was very supportive (always encouraging us as we were moving) and gently pushed us to get out of our heads and shells. I would recommend taking a class or a workshop from Claire, at least once. You’ll want to take more. She is an amazing dancer (you can’t take your eyes off of her!) and a great instructor that listens to, pushes, and challenges her students.

-Michelle, Washington, D.C.

Claire has been my absolute favorite instructor I’ve ever had, for pole, stretch, and floorwork classes. She works you hard in her pole classes! There’s always a great balance of strength conditioning and tricks, while keeping an incredibly supportive environment. After working all those muscles in pole class, it was always great to work the kinks out in her stretc1600986_10202550567817871_1721062689944201263_nh classes. Her knowledge of the body and kinesthetics provided a relaxing and therapeutic class which increased my flexibility and gave my muscles the TLC they needed. My favorite were her floorwork classes. I have never felt sexier and more comfortable in my own skin than sliding across the room with Claire. She is incredibly supportive and encourages everyone to find their own sensuality, no matter what size you are. She is truly an amazing teacher! Also she’s so flippin’ hot when she dances!

– Elicia, Bethesda, MD.


Claire is a talented and energetic dance teacher. Her passion for the art of dance is strongly felt and truly motivational. Claire is ready to meet her students at any level they may be at and works well to build up their skills and confidence – she has a true gift for making everyone feel comfortable with themselves. Every class I have taken with Claire has been such a positive experience and so much fun! I highly recommend Claire as a dance instructor.

-Tara Maini, San Diego, CA


To take Claire’s workshop is to discover the sensuous joy of your own body and experience the pleasure of everyday acts of self care that we take completely for granted. You will leave it feeling light, awake, relaxed and completely renewed in spirit as well as slightly in awe of your own capacity for indulgent awareness. Give yourself this gift.

-Layla Duvay, Brantford, Ontario


Dear Claire,

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday! You and The Pole Story and your Pole Convention workshop in West Palm Beach 2 years ago have motivated me to become the best woman I can be – inside and out.

Don Curry’s shoot last month at my pole studio inspired me to do a pose in honor of you. I’m planning on posting it tomorrow. Just wanted to say thank goodness for extraordinary women like yourself.

-Jessica Z. Tampa, FL


I got my sister a private pole dancing class for her birthday day. I am so excited for her to take it!!! You’ve made me feel so empowered and I want to pass that on to my fellow females. You’ve made me feel so great. I love you for it. And even if I didn’t get my pole training from you, I’d still love you. You are a beautiful person.

-Stephanie F. Seattle, WA


Hi Claire! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the classes you did for us down here in Oceanside, they were kind of life changing! It was really amazing, and I hope when I come back to Southern California and move to LA, we can do it again!


-Shelly M. Oceanside, CA